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Herttoniemi Taekwondo Club

Herttoniemi Taekwondo Club has a long tradition in Helsinki. Our own Grand Master Dae Jin Hwang (9. dan) first introduced Finland to Taekwondo back in 1979. We have been operating and teaching Taekwondo in Herttoniemi since mid-eighties. We are part of The Finnish Taekwondo Union and we are also a member of The Finnish Taekwondo Federation.

Our Head Instructor In Kwon Hwang (7. dan) has over 30 years of experience in Taekwondo. He has operated as an International Poomsae (=forms) Referee in European and World Championships, coached the Finnish National Poomsae National Team after his personal competitive career and has also been a Member of the Board in Finnish Taekwondo Federation.

The instructors of our club have several years of experience in Taekwondo and other sports alike. In Herttoniemi we put great emphasis on conducting exercises and teaching classes according to clear and well planned training programs. We want everyone to have a fair chance to develop according to one's age, belt rank and personal targets.

Participating to competitions in both sparring and/or forms is voluntary - what matters most is the joy of exercise and enjoying Taekwondo. For those interested in competing we have very experienced and specialized coaching available along with separate supportive training.

Taekwondo Hwang Herttoniemi - The joy of exercise and enjoyment of Taekwondo!


Timetables can be found here (finnish).

Prices and payment methods

Training Contract

We sign a training contract with each new member with 30 days notice. Contract forms are available from the office at the club and our instructors are happy to assist you in case you need help or more information. All new members are eligible for 2 free lessons to try out Taekwondo before signing the contract. This way we want to ensure you can freely make up your mind before signing the contract. You are always welcome to join and try out our lessons!

Prices for adults and Prices for kids

Bank Details: 

IBAN FI92 5720 6820 0168 01, BIC OKOYFIHH
While paying, please remember to always include the reference number which you can find from "Omat laskut"-pages.
Taekwondo training passport (value 12 €) is included in beginner's course fee.

Family Discounts

Family members living in the same address are eligible for 10 € discount per 3 month invoicing period. This means all family members are paying the same course or billing period to be entitled for this discount. Family discount is not valid for toddler-Taekwondo group members unless someone in the family is practicing also in some other training group.

Interested to start practicing with us?
It is easy, just register yourself / your kid and come to practise with us

pic credit: Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta

Belt graduation fees 
Adults (price includes the new belt)

  30 €   
  35 € 
  40 €   

Kids graduation (belt test)
Our graduation and belt rank system for kids differs from adults. Kids are having more intermediate steps in their system to ensure they have really learned all required and taught techniques/skills before actual graduations. We call these intermediate tests "natsakoe".

The price of intermediate test (natsakoe) is 10 €.
Normal belt graduation price is 15 € (including a new belt)

Return of payment and problems
In general we do not refund already paid invoices in case you decide to quit before the end of your pre-paid period. We can transfer the payment to a later period due to illness or long term traveling. In case you have problems with your payments or you need any advice, please don't hesitate to contact our instructors as we want to help you to find a proper solution together with us.


We accept also Smartum, Mobile Pay, Sporttipassi (ePassi) and Virikeseteli

Who can use Smartum?
Please notice that Smartum is a personnel benefit identified for personal use. You can't use Smartums to pay your children's or other family member's training fees.

What you can pay with Smartum?
By Smartum you can pay your own training fees (one-off payments, serial cards, monthly fee, period fee or annual fee).
By Smartum you CAN'T pay for graduation fees nor for new equipment.

We Accept: Smartum Liikuntaseteli, Smartum Liikunta- ja Kulttuuriseteli


You can pay also using MOBILEPAY (www.mobilepay.fi) to number 045-77314700.

We accept virikeseteli when you pay training period.

ePASSI (sporttipassi)
When using SporttiPassi, you can pay your personal training fee with the network payment.
* Login with your own credentials at www.epassi.fi or use ePassi mobile app.
* Select SporttiPassi network payments
* Start by typing Herttoniemen Taekwondo sail. When the system finds the club, select service provider and click "seuraava"
* Type in the sum in Euros
* Type in the service description what you are about to pay (graduation fee, period payment, monthly training fee etc.)
* click "maksa"
* You will receive the receipt to your email and you can show it at our club.

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